Re Calling the Blood Tears

Modulations: Re Calling the Blood Tears
Ballarat Art Gallery, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
(a touring exhibition series sponsored by
LUMA | La Trobe University Museum of Art)

Lyn Plummer
Modulations: Re Calling the Blood Tears

In a culture where the law would be civilised, rational, its signs must be meaningful.
Allan S. Weiss

Over a career spanning four decades Lyn Plummer has continually explored the realms of religion, sexuality and ritual creating individual works and complete installations which welcome and subsequently envelope the viewer. Seductive, contemplative and challenging, these installations encourage the viewer to bring their own histories and memories to find meaning. Moreover, they question our existing beliefs and accepted notions of ritual and tradition.

Utilising sound, sculpture and painting, this intimate installation, Modulations: Re Calling the Blood Tears, responds specifically to the site in which it is located and continues Plummer’s investigation of key themes central to her practice over the decades. It explores the deeper meaning and the possible convergence of Christianity’s Easter tradition and ANZAC day. It reflects on the outcomes of violent struggle for power and control, and the subsequent slaughter of the innocent and the mourning of the bereaved. It examines the idea of loss and lamentation, central to both the Easter and ANZAC stories. Surrounded by music, the installation encourages the viewer to take the journey from the mitre depicting the Mother and Child to the painted and suspended, both physically and metaphorically.

Dr Vincent Alessi, Artistic Director © 2011

   A LUMA | La Trobe University Museum of Art Exhibition