Modulations: Cantata ReConfigured

Modualtions #1, Ashburton Gallery, Ashburton New Zealand
Modulations #2, Sourthland Gallery, Invercargill, New Zealand
Modulations #3, Forrester Gallery, Oamaru, New Zealand
Modulations #4, Eastern-Southland Gallery, Gore New Zealand

Pulse, Mark, Text

Over the past seventeen years my work has investigated the relationship between public ritual and private instincts; between the references to historical cultural mores and contemporary personal desires and experience.

During this period a number of concerns have been paramount. An interest in the nature of space has been important and especially in the secular, ritualized space of the gallery and its relationship to the historic, religiously charged ceremonial space of the spiritual. This attention focused on changing and charging the gallery space into one which demands that we reflect upon our private responses to ceremony and ritual and their multiple readings and meanings. These investigations have included the body and in particular the skin, (which is understood as the site of the markings and scars of personal and collective memory) and also the rhythms and beats of repeated markings left on a surface that form a communication. These traces of actions form a poignant yet ambiguous and ambivalent text. The body’s encounters both pleasurable and painful, leave a trace. Awe and subsequently power, have assembled a deep layering of accoutrements and symbols, which have intermixed with these ciphers that signify the sensual and sexual reactions of the self as body/entity. These traces can be understood to have correlations, not only with the decorated, cut and scarred skin of earlier eras, but also of contemporary times.

Modulations: Cantata Re Configured is a series of installations which will travel to a number of galleries throughout New Zealand and Australia and which function as a form of pilgrimage where the spectator is invited to become integrated into the process. The series incorporates two dimensional and three dimensional elements and sound. It has been visualized as a series of installations that constantly reform to take into consideration the ambience, colour, lighting and configuration of the architecture of each new gallery space. The elements are configured not only to interact with the space, but also with the individual viewer. As they reform again and again, the shift in the Modulations weaves a set of diverse readings and meanings, which can communicate at a number of different levels that may be either collective or personal.

Lyn Plummer, © June 2007