Scent of A Rose Chamber

Albury Regional Art Gallery, Albury, NSW

by Lyn Plummer

A glimpse of the ritual of the attainment of knowledge
Rose mystery perfumed unknown undiminished redeemed secret spirit
prudent circumspect sub rosa sorrow evanescent mortal perfumed wisdom secret Rose
Chamber congregate initiate celebrate legislate adjudicate obey Chamber
Robe dignity dissimulate position mystery role power mantle protect conceal disguise withdraw secret Robe
Skin protect connect permeate saturate impregnate pierce inscribe recall Skin
Bird ascend contemplate faith cognition incorporate
knowledge power pride Bird
Dragon chaos hostile primal threaten trial Dragon
Ladder ascent access passage move loss danger axis joy fear declare attain seven degree rung initiation twelve passage Ladder
Throne authority knowledge wisdom rule seat wisdom Throne
Water dissolve abolish encircle moat pure space encircle Water
Oil consecrate dedicate illuminate Oil

Lyn Plummer ©
Albury Regional Gallery
April 1999